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Attend a free 6-week virtual workshop

Cancer PATH is an interactive workshop designed to help individuals with any kind of cancer improve their health.

POWERFUL TOOLS FOR CAREGIVERS will benefit you whether you are helping a parent, spouse, friend or someone who lives at home, in a nursing home, or across the country. This workshop focuses on self-care for you, the caregiver. The workshop will not focus on specific diseases or hands-on care.

Get on the PATH to better health!

In this workshop, learn how to:
• Take care of yourself
• Reduce stress and help you relax
• Make tough decisions
• Reduce guilt, anger, and depression
• Communicate effectively
• Work with family, providers, and care staff
• Set goals and problem-solve, and more!

QUESTIONS? Call Region 2 Area Agency on Aging at 517-592-1974 or email livingwellprograms@r2aaa.net
PROVIDER REFERRALS can be faxed to (517)592-1975

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