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Region 2 Area Agency on Aging has a variety of opportunities for you to use your skills to help seniors and people with disabilities in Hillsdale, Jackson and Lenawee Counties.


Betsy Dennis has been a volunteer for Region 2 Area Agency on Aging for approximately 9 years with many of those years as a member of the Agency’s Advisory Council.

Betsy has been a Volunteer Matter of Balance Coach since 2007. With Betsy’s involvement in the Matter of Balance program, she touches the lives of older adults and disabled people with chronic diseases and their caregivers. Betsy is very enthusiastic in her volunteer role and is always willing to promote the benefits of the Matter of Balance Program along with other services provided by Region 2.

Betsy volunteers for many county boards, clubs and associations with membership of more than 50 years for some of her volunteer roles. Region 2 Area Agency on Aging is fortunate to have Betsy Dennis as a volunteer.

Volunteer Profile

Betsey loves the connections she makes while teaching Matter of Balance classes.

Advisory Council

We need people to join our Advisory Committee and help shape the future of our senior citizens. Find out how.

General Volunteering

Do you belong to a group that would like to give back in some way? Would you like to help with mailings, help purchase and/or wrap Christmas gifts for seniors, would you like to visit with elected officials regarding issues important to seniors or those with disabilities?

Please give us a call – let’s talk about how we can work together. Contact us at 800-335-7881 or 517-592-1974 or info@r2aaa.net.

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