What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology (AT) is a way to make it easier or possible to do the things that are important to you. AT helps maintain or improve the ability of people with disabilities and older adults to be full participants in everyday life. AT devices can be as simple as a built-up handle on a pencil or as complex as custom computer hardware and software. AT can help you use your phone, unlock your door from across the room, operate your computer using just your voice or a single switch, or type faster using only one hand.

The Region 2 Assistive Technology Program received a grant from MIS Cares in the amount of $4,525 to develop a series of AT classes. The classes will be open to everyone in the community and will provide an opportunity for potential users and those with family members or friends who may benefit from AT to learn more about the available options. Classes will focus on the use of assistive technology to increase safety and independence for people with disabilities and older adults. Social isolation, lack of access to information, inability to control their home environment, and not being able to call for assistance in the case of a fall or emergency are some of the issues that will be addressed.

The technology exists to help with many of these concerns but most people are not aware that solutions are available, how inexpensive they are, or how to implement them in their homes. Details about the classes will be posted here when details are available.

As a grant recipient, we had the opportunity to attend the MIS Community Luncheon at the Speedway. We met MIS President Roger Curtis and members of the MIS Cares board and staff. We learned about the great work MIS does for the community and about other organizations that received grant funds this year. MIS Cares’ mission is to create a lasting, positive impact on our community through charitable giving and volunteer efforts that cultivate community growth and advances quality of life. Learn more about them at www.MISpeedway.com

Thanks to MIS Cares for their support of the AT Program and for all the great work they do in our community!

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MIS Cares AT Grant

Region 2 Receives Grant from MIS Cares for AT Classes. Click to learn more about the classes.

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