Region 2 Area Agency on Aging works to improve conditions affecting the lives of older adults and adults with disabilities in Jackson, Hillsdale, and Lenawee counties. We help identify concerns and develop a comprehensive and coordinated network of services to help our clients function as independently and safely as possible in their homes and communities.

What is the Area Agency on Aging?

The Older Americans Act of 1965 created agencies at the federal, state, and local level and developed programs that help the elderly maintain their health and independence in their homes and communities. Region 2 Area Agency on Aging was established on October 1, 1974 and is a private, not-for-profit agency, serving Jackson, Hillsdale, and Lenawee Counties.

Primary Activities of the Area Agency on Aging Include:

  • Advocating on behalf of older adults and adults with disabilities.
  • Identifying needs of older adults and adults with disabilities, and developing plans for meeting those needs through a system of in-home and community services to enable people to maintain their independence and dignity.
  • Administering federal, state, local and private funds to support those services.
  • Providing services largely through contracts and purchase agreements with local provider organizations.
  • Providing community-based services throughout Jackson, Hillsdale, and Lenawee Counties.

Region 2 Area Agency on Aging Contracts with Local Service Providers For:

  • In-home services such as home delivered meals and personal care.
  • Access services such as transportation.
  • Community Services such as adult day services, congregate meals and legal assistance.
  • Counseling, outreach activities, assisting with appeals, making appropriate referrals to other services and agencies.

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Area Agency on Aging Association of Michigan

Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) are a nationwide network of nonprofit agencies created by Congress to be one-stop shops with information about programs, services and housing options.

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