We are preparing for the holidays here at the Agency, and that means Holidays at Home! Each year we help community members through our Holidays at Home program where we accept monetary donations from individuals and businesses across the three counties and then purchase gifts for our participants who are in the greatest economic need. We received sufficient donations last year to purchase gifts for over 50 of our participants. Is there a better way to celebrate the holiday season?

Please join with us in support of those in need in our region by making a cash donation that will not only help to provide gifts during the holiday season, but also fund household needs, provide services for seniors and adults with disabilities, and fund health and wellness workshops for those in our community throughout the year.

We would appreciate receiving all donations by November 22, 2019 in order to have sufficient time to purchase, organize, and deliver the gifts before the holidays. Please give Greg Schira, Executive Assistant, a call at (517) 592-1974 or (800) 335-7881 for detailed information. You can also donate online, here. Thank you in advance for supporting seniors, and individuals with disabilities, in your community.

Wishing you the joys of the season,

Julie Wetherby, Chief Executive Officer