We offer fun and informative workshops that can help you improve your health and independence and live more safely at home. Most workshops are free and they are offered at various times and locations throughout our region. Check back frequently for the updated schedule and new workshops.

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PATH (Personal Action Toward Health) Self-Management Training for persons living with Chronic Health Conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, kidney failure, or cancer. This is an interactive workshop where people are taught tools for managing their condition and it’s impact on their life. The facilitation process engages participants in brainstorming to help develop and share their own ideas for how to better manage their health condition.

Diabetes PATH

Diabetes PATH (Personal Action Toward Health) is designed for people with Diabetes or another long term health condition and their families and friends. Participants will learn ways to take control of their health, manage their care, be more independent, and feel better.

Workshop participants will help each other learn to set realistic goals and solve problems related to their condition.


DPATH PLUS is an 8 week program that couples attending the Diabetes PATH program along with having a 1 on 1 pre- and post-visit with a registered dietitian, meeting Medicare guidelines for billing for Diabetes Education.

Cancer PATH

Self Management Training for persons living with cancer. Covers topics specially targeted for cancer survivors, including dealing with pain, fatigue, and living with uncertainty. By using the tools taught in the program, survivors enhance their quality of life as well as manage the effects of their disease, reducing unnecessary ER visits and learning how to better manage their physical and emotional issues.

Chronic Pain PATH

Chronic Pain PATH is a workshop that teaches tools to better self-manage symptoms and side effects as we face the daily challenges of living with a chronic condition like arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia, or other pain conditions. You choose your own goals to gain a healthy, meaningful lifestyle and feel better. This workshop includes learning safe exercises for maintaining and improving strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Matter of Balance

Matter of Balance is a program designed to reduce the fear of falling and increase activity levels among older adults. Many older adults develop a fear of falling that often limits their activities and makes the risk of falling even greater. Participants learn to view falls and fear of falling as controllable; set realistic goals to increase activity; change their environment to reduce fall risk factors; and exercise to increase strength and balance.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Provides an opportunity for you to meet with a dietitian and discuss your needs, concerns, and goals to live a healthy lifestyle even with a chronic condition.

Assistive Technology

Learn about technologies that can make it easier and safer for people with disabilities and older adults to live independently.

What is Assistive Technology and Why Would I Need It?

A general overview of the types of devices available to assist people to be more independent at home.  Simple technologies can help with daily activities, home control, computer and smart phone use, safety, recreation, and more.  We will focus on low cost, low tech solutions and touch briefly on some systems to help those with higher needs.

Controlling Your Home

A look at some of the options to make controlling devices in your home easier. For people who have difficulty using the standard controls TVs, lights, door locks, and more can be operated with alternate inputs, remote controls, or the functions can be automated. 

Engaging People with Memory Loss using Tablets

We will discuss ways to help people with memory loss maintain function and stay connected with family and friends.  The focus will be on using tablet-based activities to facilitate interactions with some inclusion of access issues and memory aids. 

Home Monitoring for Safety

An introduction to technology that helps people stay safe when alone in their homes.  From emergency call buttons, auto shut-offs for stoves, and devices that send a text when your routine changes, many options are available.  We will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of some of the available systems.

Caregiver Support

Creating Confident Caregivers is a FREE 6-week class that can help reduce your caregiving stress by:

Improving your confidence as a caregiver, helping you create a positive caregiving environment, learning how to manage and redirect challenging behaviors, sharing ideas for daily activities for your loved one based on their strengths, and learning to take better care of yourself so you can provide good care for your loved one.


New Workshops Starting Soon!

Advanced Care Planning

Advance care planning helps people understand decisions that we all face concerning end of life care. Participants learn how to make sure they receive the level of care they prefer, how to let others know what to do when they are too sick or unable to express themselves, and permit people they trust to act on their behalf. Learn how to create and share a care plan in a safe, no-pressure environment.

Elder Abuse Prevention


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