Board Of Directors

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  • Debbie Eccleton

    Debbie Eccleton

    Jackson County
  • Stephen Rajzer

    Stephen Rajzer

    Jackson County
  • Howard Griffis

    Howard Griffis

    Jackson County
  • Carl Rice Jr.

    Carl Rice Jr.

    Jackson County, County Commissioner
  • Patricia Spink

    Patricia Spink

    Jackson County
  • Curtis Gale

    Curtis Gale

    Hillsdale County
  • Ruth Brown

    Ruth Brown

    Hillsdale County, County Commissioner
  • Bob Knoblauch

    Bob Knoblauch

    Lenawee County, County Commissioner
  • Robert Gilmore

    Robert Gilmore

    Lenawee County
  • Chris Wittenbach

    Chris Wittenbach

    Lenawee County, County Commissioner

Management Team

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  • Julie Wetherby

    Julie Wetherby

    CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Mollie Shinski

    Mollie Shinski

    Enrollment & Eligibility Supervisor
  • Martha York

    Martha York

    Quality Improvement Supervisor
  • Tracy James

    Tracy James

    Community Outreach/Marketing Coordinator
  • Tim Niyonsenga

    Tim Niyonsenga

    Program Development Director
  • Margaret O’Malley

    Margaret O’Malley

    Operations Director
  • Gregory Schira

    Gregory Schira

    Executive Assistant/Facilities Manager
  • Glen Ashlock

    Glen Ashlock

    IT & Assistive Technology Manager
  • Brenda Lang

    Brenda Lang

    Finance Director
  • Brenda Shinn

    Brenda Shinn

    Finance Coordinator
  • Jose Delossantos

    Jose Delossantos

  • Linda Powelke

    Linda Powelke

    Regional Planner/Grants Manager
  • Kara Lorenz

    Kara Lorenz

    Clinical Director
  • Claire Warner

    Claire Warner

    Special Project/Training Manager


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  • Cassandra Hickman

    Cassandra Hickman

  • Michelle Kelly

    Michelle Kelly

  • Sharon DiBernardo

    Sharon DiBernardo

  • Karen Conolly

    Karen Conolly

  • Vicky Martin

    Vicky Martin

  • Donna Benzing

    Donna Benzing

  • Diane Wolff

    Diane Wolff

  • Rhonda Edwards

    Rhonda Edwards

  • Colleen Walkowicz

    Colleen Walkowicz

  • Elvia Shirkey

    Elvia Shirkey

  • Jini Lane

    Jini Lane

  • Leslie


  • Mardi Martin

    Mardi Martin

Social Workers

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  • Kelly Naughton

    Kelly Naughton

  • Erica


  • Tricia Commet

    Tricia Commet

  • Stefanie


  • Nancy Armstrong

    Nancy Armstrong

  • Angie Shepherd

    Angie Shepherd

  • Ben Keaster

    Ben Keaster

  • Frances Adams

    Frances Adams

  • Heather Lucey

    Heather Lucey

  • Mary Bonilla

    Mary Bonilla

  • Michele Sanders

    Michele Sanders

Support Staff

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  • Ann Schoonover

    Ann Schoonover

  • Ryan Porter

    Ryan Porter

  • Lucie Pearson

    Lucie Pearson

  • Gretchen Davenport

    Gretchen Davenport

  • Anna Walbridge

    Anna Walbridge

  • Becky Meredith

    Becky Meredith

  • David Cole

    David Cole

  • Kandy Hayes

    Kandy Hayes

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